Art Loeb Trail
from Gloucester Gap to Farlow Gap

Picture of view from Pilot Mountain

Warning:   This data is out-of-date. Trails, roads, and landmarks change.
You should obtain current information before attempting any hike.

Date Hiked: 8/11/90

Length: 8.0 miles

Type: backtrack

Difficulty: 4

Scenery: 3

Blaze: old yellow blazes plus white circle Mountains-to-Sea Trail blazes

Main Features: views from top of Pilot Mountain

Animals: deer

(I hiked this trail again in May 1992 and saw endangered Pinxter Flowers in bloom, as well as the following animals: deer, chipmunks, dark-eyed juncos, crows, vultures, hawk, raven, chickadees, downy woodpeckers, and pileated woodpeckers.)

Location: Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina

Drive north on NC highway 276 into the Pisgah National Forest from highway 64 outside of Brevard. Drive 5.4 miles and turn left on FR 475. Drive 6.3 miles to Gloucester Gap.

Driving north on highway 215 from highway 64 outside Rosman, drive 7.9 miles and turn right onto 1328 (paved). Drive 0.3 miles and turn left onto 1327 (gravel). Drive 2.2 miles and turn right on FR 475 (gravel). Drive 0.9 miles to Gloucester Gap crossroads and park.

Approximate Altitude Changes
Ascend 1,900 feet from FR 475 to top of Pilot Mountain
Descend 500 feet from top of Pilot Mountain to Deep Gap
Descend 350 feet from Deep Gap to top of ridge
Ascend 375 feet from top of ridge to Farlow Gap
Total Ascent: 3,125 feet

0.0 intersection of FR 475 and FR 229
(go up the stairs on the west side of the crossroads)
0.5 cross road
0.6 cross road
1.6 cross road
2.0 boulder on left
small wooden structure on left
2.1 top of Pilot Mountain -- views in three directions
2.7 Deep Gap, bear left onto road
take left fork
2.9 turn left off of road
3.0 shelter on right
3.3 top of ridge
3.9 cross road
4.0 Farlow Gap


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