Bartram Trail from Hale Ridge Road
and Scaly Mountain Trail in North Carolina
to the Top of Scaly Mountain

Picture of a snail on the Bartram Trail

Warning:   This data is out-of-date. Trails, roads, and landmarks change.
You should obtain current information before attempting any hike.

Date Hiked: August 15, 1992

Length: 11.0 miles

Type: backtrack

Difficulty: 4

Scenery: 3

Blaze: yellow on Bartram, none on Scaly Mt.

Animals: chickadees, ravens, pileated woodpeckers, cardinals, hawk, salamanders, chipmunks, blue jay, towhees, catbird, snail, deer

Main Features: partial views along Bartram Trail and views from top of Scaly Mountain

Location: Chattahoochee National Forest, GA & Nantahala National Forest, NC

Driving north on highway 441 in Georgia, turn right on highway 246 about 1 mile north of Dillard. Drive 7.0 miles and turn right on a paved road (1625) just past a gas station on the left. Drive 2.1 miles and fork left onto a dirt road -- Hale Ridge Road. Drive 1.1 miles to the trailhead. (Notice the stone columns in the field on the right at 0.6 miles.) You want the trailhead on the left which is several yards past the trailhead on the right at the pull-off. There is a short dead-end road on the left at the trailhead. I parked on the right at a wide spot in this road several yards past the trail.

Approximate altitude changes:
Ascend 300 feet to high spot at 0.7 miles
Descend 350 feet to log bridge at 2.1 miles
Ascend 1,525 feet to top of Scaly Mountain at 5.5 miles
Total Ascent (round trip): 2,175 feet

0.0 car
0.1 log bridge
0.2 stream crossing
0.5 stream crossing
0.6 log bridge
log bridge
0.7 rock bridge
high spot
1.4 bridge
1.5 stream crossing
1.6 log bridges
log bridge
1.7 log bridge
1.9 low spot
2.0 log bridge
2.1 log bridge
2.3 log bridge
2.4 stream crossing
log bridge
2.5 partial view on right
continue straight at junction with Hurrah Ridge Trail on right
2.7 log bridge
2.9 log bridge
log bridge
continue straight at junction with West Fork Trail on right
3.0 trail weaves through broken boulder
3.2 turn left on switchback (distinct trail continues straight)
right switchback
left switchback
right switchback (distinct trail continues straight)
3.6 notice unmarked trail on right directly beneath highway overlook
(remember it so you won't take it by mistake on the way back)
Osage Mountain Overlook
cross highway 106 at north end of pull-off and ascend stairs
3.8 cross streambed amid large chunks of white quartz
3.9 spur trail on left goes to small waterfall
stream crossing
partial view on left
4.4 turn right onto old road
(remember this spot in order to turn here on the way back)
4.5 beginning of partial views on right
4.8 stream flows down trail
4.9 turn left at junction onto unmarked Scaly Mountain Trail
(the Bartram Trail bears right here)
5.0 rock clearing
5.3 rock clearing with views on left, continue upwards across clearing
5.5 highest point on mountain in rock clearing
trail ends in next rock clearing with views on left


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