Buncombe Trail
from FR 365 to FR 364

Picture of terrain along Buncombe Trail

Warning:   This data is out-of-date. Trails, roads, and landmarks change.
You should obtain current information before attempting any hike.

Date Hiked: 1/6/90

Length: 6.4 miles

Type: backtrack

Difficulty: 2

Scenery: 2

Blaze: white

Main Features: streams

Animals: deer, skunk

Location: Sumter National Forest, South Carolina
Take highway 76 southeast from Clinton to Joanna. In Joanna, turn left on highway 66. Drive 8.2 miles and turn left on FR 365. (FR 365 is 0.7 miles past the Brickhouse Crossroad.) Drive 0.6 miles and turn right -- post says E133-2. A little way down this road is a gate. Park here.

Note: Rain makes this trail very muddy.

0.0 car
ignore fork where trail goes right -- continue on gravel road
(the trail goes through a muddy, cleared area where it is hard to follow)
0.4 road ends, continue straight and slightly left
trail reenters woods
1.0 good views of Flannigan Branch on right
1.1 step across stream
1.2 mile marker 24.0
1.5 potentially wet stream crossing
1.6 bear right at faint fork
1.7 bridge
2.2 step across stream
mile marker 23.0
2.7 potentially wet stream crossing
(I turned left here for several yards before finding a place to cross)
3.2 FS 364 and mile marker 22.2


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