Foothills Trail from Horsepasture River to Hilliard Falls

Picture of Hilliard Falls sign on Foothills Trail

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Date Hiked: 10/10/98

Length: 8.0 miles

Type: backtrack

Difficulty: 3

Scenery: 3

Blaze: white on Foothills Trail, blue on Hilliard Falls Trail

Main Features: good bridges, Hilliard Falls

Animals: chickadees, crows, blue jays, pileated woodpecker, chipmunk, deer

Location: Duke Power Property north of Lake Jocassee, North Carolina

There is no road access to the Horsepasture River bridge on the north side of Lake Jocassee. I had a friend with a boat drop me off at the bridge and then pick me up at the same spot several hours later. Due to its inaccessibility, this was the last section of the Foothills Trail I hiked to complete the entire Foothills Trail on day hikes.

Approximate Altitude Change
Ascend 350 feet from Horsepasture River to high point at 2.2 miles
Descend 150 feet to Bearcamp Creek
Ascend 25 feet to Hilliard Falls
Total Ascent: 525 feet

0.0 bridge over Horsepasture River
1.1 orange ribbons on tree branches (one bearing PT#21)
faint road left
2.1 ascend along top of narrow ridge with drop-offs on both sides
2.2 faint road right
2.7 turn left off of road and cross campsites
Bearcamp Creek Bridge
sign "Trail Reroute" pointing right
3.1 two-board bridge
3.5 two stream crossings on rocks
3.6 good bridge
one-log bridge
3.7 right on Hilliard Falls Trail
4.0 Hilliard Falls (formerly Bear Camp Creek Falls)


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