Foothills Trail from Sassafras Mountain
to the top of Drawbar Cliffs

Picture of view from Drawbar Cliffs

Warning:   This data is out-of-date. Trails, roads, and landmarks change.
You should obtain current information before attempting any hike.

Date Hiked: 4/4/92

Length: 10.8 miles

Type: backtrack

Difficulty: 4

Scenery: 3

Blaze: white

Main Features: view from Drawbar Cliffs

Location: near Rocky Bottom, South Carolina

Driving north on highway 178 from highway 11, turn right on F. Van Clayton in Rocky Bottom. Drive 4.7 miles to the parking area on the left (the road ends here). Walk out of the parking lot and turn right onto the road for several yards, then turn left onto the Foothills Trail following the white blazes.

Approximate Altitude Changes
Descend 200 feet to low spot at 0.4 miles
Ascend 50 feet to hilltop at 0.6 miles
Descend 50 feet to rhododendron thicket at 0.7 miles
Ascend 100 feet to hilltop at 1.4 miles
Descend 800 feet to left turn off road at 2.8 miles
Ascend 200 feet to high point at 3.6 miles
Descend 300 feet to bridge at 4.0 miles
Ascend 500 feet to top of Drawbar Cliffs at 5.4 miles
Total Ascent: 2,200 feet

0.0 parking lot
0.4 low spot
0.6 hilltop
0.7 rhododendron thicket
1.0 old home site on right
1.2 old wires paralleling trail on right, birdhouse on left
1.4 hilltop
1.5 good view of rocky mountain to the east
step across stream
1.6 step across stream
1.7 step across two streams beside dripping rocks
1.9 switchback right, then left
2.0 bridge
2.7 turn right onto old road bed
2.8 turn left up steps off of road bed
3.1 bridge, then turn up to the right
3.2 large boulder on left
3.4 gain ridge top and turn left following ridge
3.5 bridge
3.6 high point
cross road
3.7 overhanging boulder on left
3.9 see large rocks on left
4.0 bridge
4.1 climb steps weaving between boulders
dangerous overlook on right with view of small waterfall
4.2 bridge across stream above waterfall just viewed
4.4 beginning of scenic area strewn with large boulders
4.5 leave bouldered area
4.6 turn left at campsite on right
4.7 ahead and to the right can be seen the bald rock overlook crossed by the Pinnacle Mountain Trail,
wet area in trail
4.8 turn left
4.9 wet area in trail
5.1 rock overlook on left has good view
(this is the low end of Drawbar Cliffs)
5.3 turn left off of the trail at the spot where there is a mound of stones on each side of the trail
5.4 top of Drawbar Cliffs


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