Foothills Trail (alternate) from red post
near highway 276 to turnaround point at 6.2 miles

Picture of mossy boulders beside alternate Foothills Trail

Warning:   This data is out-of-date. Trails, roads, and landmarks change.
You should obtain current information before attempting any hike.

Date Hiked: 11/25/89

Length: 12.4 miles

Type: backtrack

Difficulty: 4

Scenery: 2

Blaze: dark blue to Gum Gap, pale blue beyond Gum Gap

Main Features: streams, partial views

Location: Caesar's Head State Park, South Carolina

From Caesar's Head State Park drive 1.6 miles north on 276 and turn left on a small unpaved road about 0.1 miles past the Grey Logs development. I parked in a small clearing beside a red post at the left turn that goes to the Raven Cliff Falls Trail.

Note: This road is too rough for most cars. A four-wheel drive is recommended.

0.0 red post at left turn to Raven Cliff Falls Trail
continue straight down road away from highway 276
0.2 road on left
0.4 stream goes through pipe under road
0.6 road on left
0.7 road on right
1.0 trail on left marked with ribbons and small stone pile
(may go to Raven Cliff Falls)
1.2 road on left
1.3 bear right at fork with small clearing on right
(this clearing is where you can park if you have a vehicle that can make it this far)
faint trail on right
1.4 partial views of cascades on left through foliage
1.5 small stream-crossing
1.6 campsite on left
road on right, clearing on left, potentially wet stream-crossing
1.9 small stream-crossing
2.2 bear right at fork (bridge is visible down left fork)
2.5 small stream-crossing
road on left
2.6 road on right
2.8 Gum Gap, road junction, turn left
go a few paces then bear right at fork
(pale blue blazes begin)
3.1 trail on left
3.4 beginning of partial winter views
3.6 road turns sharply left and down
4.0 rock clearing on right
road turns sharply right and down
a few paces later bear left and down at fork
4.1 partial winter views on left
4.4 road junction, turn left
(remember this spot for turning right on the way back)
4.5 Greenville water shed signs on left
trail on right
4.7 trail on right
5.2 mossy boulders on left
5.3 campsite on right
winter views on right
road on right
rock cliff faces visible far above on left
6.0 boulders on left
6.1 gain ridge top and turn left
6.2 arbitrary turnaround point
6.3 stopped for snack at rock on right


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