Foothills Trail (alternate) from
Sassafras Mountain toward Caesar's Head State Park

Picture of view from Dolves Mountain on alternate Foothills Trail

Warning:   This data is out-of-date. Trails, roads, and landmarks change.
You should obtain current information before attempting any hike.

Date Hiked: 7/13/91

Length: 12.8 miles

Type: backtrack

Difficulty: 4

Scenery: 2

Blaze: blue

Main Features: partial view from Dolves Mountain

Animals: eastern fence lizards, eastern box turtle, vultures, crows, garter snakes (2), ruffed grouse, towhee, blue jays

Location: near Rocky Bottom, South Carolina

Driving north on highway 178 from highway 11, turn right on F. Van Clayton in Rocky Bottom. Drive 4.7 miles to the parking area on the left (the road ends here). From the parking lot on top of Sassafras Mountain, walk east across the paved road and follow the unpaved road directly in front of the parking lot entrance. (Ignore the arrows and signs indicating the Foothills Trail.) Several yards into the woods, continue straight at the crossroads. A few paces farther there is a tower. The trail begins behind the tower on the left. At the trailhead there is a small concrete post with orange and blue paint on it.

Approximate Altitude Changes
Descend 675 feet to Emory Gap Toll Road at 0.9 miles
Ascend 475 feet to ridge top at 1.6 miles
Descend 250 feet to old home site at 2.6 miles
Ascend 100 feet to knob at 3.9 miles
Descend 200 feet to gravel road at 4.8 miles
Ascend 350 feet to overlook on Dolves Mountain at 6.1 miles
Descend 50 feet to turnaround point at 6.4 miles
Total Ascent: 2,100 feet

0.0 parking lot
0.9 Emory Gap Toll Road
1.3 overlook with partial view from Whiteside Mountain
1.6 turn left onto old road, then right off of old road
gain ridge top and turn left
2.4 turn left off of ridge
2.6 old home site (now campsites)
2.7 turn right off of sandy road
2.8 small concrete post
2.9 turn right at edge of dirt road
3.9 reach knob and begin steep descent
4.2 turn right away from road
4.3 turn left and descend steeply through rhododendron
4.4 turn right in briar patch at bottom of hill
wet area
4.8 join gravel road at clearing
cross clearing and follow road
5.4 turn right onto obscure stairs on right
5.7 large rock on right through trees (Bursted Rock?)
5.8 turn right on road
6.1 Dolves Mountain overlook on left (best view on hike)
6.4 turnaround point
(I had put a thumb tack in a tree by the left side of the road here
to mark where I had turned around when I had hiked the opposite
direction from Caesar's Head State Park.)


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