Foothills Trail and Tamassee Knob Trail
from FR 716 to Tamassee Knob

Picture of one view from Tamassee Knob

Warning:   This data is out-of-date. Trails, roads, and landmarks change.
You should obtain current information before attempting any hike.

Date Hiked: 11/3/90

Length: 6.2 miles (or optionally 4.7 miles)

Type: backtrack

Difficulty: 2

Scenery: 3

Blaze: white on Foothills Trail, orange on Tamassee Knob Trail

Main Features: views from Long Mountain Lookout Tower and from Tamassee Knob

Animals: chickadees, crows, pileated woodpeckers, black vultures, nuthatch, deer, box turtle

Location: Sumter National Forest, South Carolina

Drive north on SC highway 107 from highway 28. After passing the entrance to the Oconee State Park on the right, drive 0.7 miles farther to an intersection on the right. Turn right. This is FR 716. Drive 1.0 miles to an intersection with gates. Park here. (If the gate on 716 is open, drive on to the top.) Hike up the road to the tower. (A route that is 1.5 miles shorter and excludes the tower can be made by turning right at the intersection, parking, hiking a few yards past that gate, and turning right on the Foothills Trail.)

Approximate Altitude Changes
Ascend 250 feet from car to Long Mountain Tower
Descend 550 feet from tower to low point in trail at 3.2 miles
Ascend 300 feet from low point to top of Tamassee Knob
Descend 300 feet from top of knob to low point
Ascend 300 feet from low point to car
Total Ascent: 850 feet

0.0 intersection with gates on FR 716
0.4 parking area at top
climb the tower for a scenic view of Tamassee Knob to the east
(Here's a picture of Tamassee Knob taken from the Long Mountain Lookout Tower.)
0.6 continue across parking area and take trail directly right of the gate
0.7 junction with Foothills Trail, turn right
1.4 cross road bearing left and up some steps
(a few yards right is the intersection where you parked)
2.2 continue straight at junction -- begin orange blazes
(the Foothills Trail turns right toward Oconee State Park here)
2.4 turn left on old road
(remember this spot for leaving the road on your return trip)
3.0 - 3.7 follow ridge with occasional views right
3.2 probably the lowest point on the trail
3.6 cross top of Tamassee Knob
3.7 rock at end of trail with overlook on left
("end" is written in orange paint on a tree here)
5.3 continue straight at junction where Foothills Trail goes left
6.2 turn left on road for several yards to the intersection where you parked


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