Issaqueena Trail

Picture of black rat snake on the Issaqueena Trail

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Date Hiked: 5/24/97

Length: 3.6 miles

Type: backtrack

Difficulty: 1

Scenery: 2

Blaze: none

Main Features: Issaqueena Dam, Issaqueena Lake

Animals: black rat snake (over 6 feet), Canadian geese, chipmunks, deer

Location: Clemson Experimental Forest, South Carolina

Turn north off of highway 76 in Clemson onto highway 133. Drive 3.9 miles and turn left at Lawrence Chapel United Methodist Church. Drive 0.6 miles and turn right on Issaqueena Dam Road. (Ignore the entrance to the Experimental Forest on the right just after the church.) Drive 1.5 miles to the end of the dirt road and park. The dam is down a short path ahead and to the right. As you walk toward the dam, the Issaqueena Trail is on the right just a few paces down from the parking area.

0.0 parking area
0.0 - 1.5 trail follows shore of Issaqueena Lake
0.3 cross small stream
0.8 cross small stream
1.4 lily pads at east end of lake
1.5 bear right away from lake
1.8 trails ends at Lawrence Trail
(Indian Spring is 1.7 miles to the right on the Lawrence Trail)


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