Lick Fork Lake Trail and Horn Creek Trail

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Date Hiked: 1/5/91

Length: 5.9 miles

Type: loop

Difficulty: 2

Scenery: 2

Blaze: none of Lick Fork Lake Trail, white on Horn Creek Trail

Main Features: lake, streams

Location: Lick Fork Lake Recreation Area, South Carolina

From highway 28 beside Clarks Hill Lake, turn east on highway 23 in Modoc, SC. Drive 9.6 miles and turn right on 230. (From Edgefield, drive west on highway 23 for about 8.4 miles and turn left on 230.) Drive 0.4 miles on 230, then turn left on 263. Drive 2.0 miles and turn right on 392. Drive 0.3 miles to the gate near the picnic area.

0.0 gate across 392 near picnic area
walk south toward lake, turning left in the picnic area
0.1 bridge
0.4 cross end of gravel road and bear right on Lick Fork Lake Trail
(left is the side of the loop you will return on)
0.5 reach stream behind dam
0.6 bridge
bear left on Horn Creek Trail (Lick Fork Lake Trail goes right)
0.9 bridge
1.1 cross gravel road
1.5 trail bears left away from stream
1.8 bridge
1.9 ridge top
2.1 cross gravel road
3.0 cross gravel road
3.1 bridge
3.2 bridge
3.4 bridge
3.7 bridge
4.3 stream crossing on rocks
4.5 bridge
5.2 cross gravel road
5.5 cross end of gravel road at junction with Lick Fork Lake Trail
(this is the same junction you passed at 0.4 miles)
5.9 gate near picnic area


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