Long Cane Trail from FSR 505
to the railroad bridge over Gray's Creek

Picture of an old tombstone in Little Adams Cemetery by Long Cane Trail

Warning:   This data is out-of-date. Trails, roads, and landmarks change.
You should obtain current information before attempting any hike.

Date Hiked: 2/15/92

Length: 6.6 miles

Type: backtrack

Difficulty: 2

Scenery: 2

Blaze: white

Main Features: Little Adams Cemetery, Gray's Creek, Seaboard Coastline Railroad Bridge

Animals: deer, crows, owl, snake (too fast to identify), green anoles, eastern fence lizards, five-lined skinks, toads, woodpeckers, hawks, mockingbirds, towhees, chickadees, tufted titmice, Carolina wrens, blue jays, cardinals, turkey vultures, gray squirrels, eastern phoebe, bobwhite, Canadian geese, deer skeletons (over 50)

Location: Sumter National Forest, South Carolina

At the intersection of highways 28 and 72 in Abbeville, turn east on 72. Drive 6.3 miles and turn right on Beulah Church Road (FSR 506). Drive 1.7 miles and turn right on FSR 505 at the Circle F Ranch. Drive 0.6 miles to the trail crossing and park on the shoulder. Take the trail on the right.

Approximate Altitude Changes

Note: Much of this trail is muddy. I left the trail occasionally and followed roads.

0.0 car
0.1 concrete bridge
0.6 turn right on 506 at intersection of 505 and 506
after a few paces turn left onto trail (the Circle F Ranch is on your right here)
0.8 cross grassy road
1.5 turn left on 506 leaving trail
(the trail continues into a swamp unsuitable for foot travel)
1.6 cross road bridge
1.7 ignore 504 on left
1.8 cross road bridge
2.3 turn right on 506A (I lost count at 50 deer skeletons here)
2.7 turn right onto muddy road following trail signs (leave 506A)
2.9 follow left side of meadow
3.3 enter field and take first left road out of field
cross end of 506A and continue right down muddy road
3.6 Seaboard Coastline Railroad bridge over Gray's Creek
backtrack up mud road to end of 506A and follow 506A (ignore blazes)
4.0 Little Adams Cemetery on right (dates from early 1800's)
4.3 ignore blazed left turn
4.7 turn left on 506
6.1 turn left onto 505 at Circle F Ranch
6.7 car


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