Pinnacle Pass Trail
from highway 276 to the top of Little Pinnacle Mountain

Picture of view from Little Pinnacle Mountain

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Date Hiked: 3/15/97

Length: 9.2 miles

Type: backtrack

Difficulty: 4

Scenery: 4

Blaze: orange

Main Features: Oil Camp Creek Falls, views, streams, water slides, mountaintop bog

Animals: vole (or rat), vultures (5), chickadees, cardinals, crows, grasshoppers, butterflies

Location: Mountain Bridge Wilderness, South Carolina

The Pinnacle Pass Trail (20) crosses highway 276, 3.2 miles north of the turn to Asbury Methodist Camp, and 2.7 miles south of Caesars Head State Park headquarters. There is a paved pull-off 0.2 miles north of where the trail crosses the highway. Walking down highway 276 from the pull-off, turn left onto the trail. Hiker registration is required. Forms are available at Caesar's Head State Park headquarters.

Approximate Altitude Changes
Descend 1,150 feet to bridge at 2.7 miles
Ascend 750 feet to high point at 3.5 miles
Descend 150 feet to low point at 3.6 miles
Ascend 900 feet to high point at 4.5 miles
Total Ascent: 2,950 feet

0.0 pull-off beside highway 276
walk down road away from Caesar's Head State Park headquarters
0.2 turn left on Pinnacle Pass Trail (20)
0.3 turn right on logging road (sign, Jones Gap 9.3 miles)
2.3 ignore roads on left
2.4 small waterfall on right, cascades on left
2.6 Oil Camp Creek Falls across creek on left
2.7 cross Oil Camp Creek on concrete bridge
turn left off of logging road (sign, Jones Gap 6.8 miles)
3.0 cross waterslide using metal cable
3.1 scenic stream, cascades
3.4 large waterslide
3.5 high point
3.6 low spot
4.2 granite overlooks, great views
rare mountaintop bog with pitcher plants
stream and waterslide
4.5 high spot
4.6 turnaround point (trail began descending)


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