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Picture of Lake Keowee from Raven Rock Hiking Trail

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Date Hiked: 3/22/92

Length: 4.4 miles

Type: loop

Difficulty: 4

Scenery: 3

Blaze: blue

Main Features: Lake Keowee, streams, cascades, views, small waterfall

Animals: eastern fence lizards, pileated woodpecker, frogs, gray squirrels, deer, crows

Location: Keowee-Toxaway State Park, South Carolina

Keowee-Toxaway State Park is on highway 11 about 0.1 miles west of highway 133. There are park entrances on both sides of highway 11. Driving east on 11, turn left into the park. Driving west on 11, turn right. Drive about 0.1 miles and park in the parking lot on the right in front of the meeting hall. Walk up the paved drive on the right side of the building. The trail begins on the far side of the parking area behind the building.

Note: This loop trail is blazed so that it can only be followed in a counter-clockwise direction. The backs of the blazed trees are not blazed.

Approximate Altitude Changes
Descend 125 feet to stream
Ascend 205 ascent to rocky clearing
Descend 170 feet to dry stream bed
Ascend 215 feet to top of ridge (high point of hike)
Descend 365 feet to shore of Lake Keowee
Ascend 365 feet to top of ridge
Descend 350 feet to stream
Ascend 225 feet to parking lot
Total Ascent: 1,010 feet

0.0 parking area in front of meeting hall
0.1 beginning of trail behind meeting hall
0.3 left on old road
0.6 bear right at fork before stream
0.7 turn right, uphill (straight is Natural Bridge Trail)
0.8 views from boulders after steep climb
0.9 switchback up to the right following blazes (faint trail goes straight)
second group of boulders
1.1 follow right side of rock clearing
bear left across rock clearing
begin descent
1.3 small dry wash then ascent
1.8 end of ascent (high point of trail)
1.9 begin descent
turn right at intersection with return trail
bear right at fork (left is part of return trail)
2.0 steep descent
2.2 continue straight, but notice backwards left turn (which is the return trail)
2.3 end of peninsula on shore of Lake Keowee
2.4 bear right at fork
2.6 views of lake from rock outcroppings
turn left
2.8 turn right at junction with first part of trail
bear right at fork
3.0 high point
3.4 begin following stream after descent
3.6 step across small stream
3.7 bear right where Natural Bridge Trail comes in on left
cross stream on rocks (there is a small waterfall to the left)
3.9 turn right on old road after ascent
descend to stream
cross small stream on rocks
4.1 turn right off of old road
step across small stream
4.2 step across small stream
4.3 turn right following blazes (faint trail continues straight)
4.4 car


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