Sam Knob Trail and unnamed trail
to the top of Sam Knob

Picture of terrain near Sam Knob

Warning:   This data is out-of-date. Trails, roads, and landmarks change.
You should obtain current information before attempting any hike.

Date Hiked: 11/23/91

Length: 6.8 miles

Type: backtrack

Difficulty: 3

Scenery: 4

Blaze: none

Main Features: views of Sam Knob and views from Sam Knob

Location: Middle Prong Wilderness, North Carolina

Drive north on highway 215 from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Drive 0.4 miles and park in the gravel parking area on the left. Walk down 215 away from the BRP for 0.3 miles to a gravel road on the right. This is the Sam Knob Trail.

Approximate Altitude Changes
Descend 60 feet to the stream at 0.4 miles
Ascend 1,110 feet to the top of Sam Knob
Total Ascent: 1,170 feet

0.0 car
walk down 215 away from the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP)
0.3 turn right onto the Sam Knob Trail (not blazed or signed)
0.4 potentially wet stream crossing
0.6 stream crossing
1.1 cross concrete bridge with waterfall on right
1.5 beginning of views on left
1.9 panoramic, unobstructed view left
2.3 two places where the road has washed out with views of cascades
down on the left
2.5 flat area on right
2.6 turn left beside hemlock to rock-hop stream in rhododendron thicket
2.7 pass campsite on left in field, then bear left at fork and
cross stream in rhododendron, then bear right and walk wherever
you can to parallel the stream you just crossed
(there is no clear trail from here to the wash up Sam Knob)
3.0 enter a large field and turn left to follow edge of field
3.1 turn left up a rocky wash that goes to the top of Sam Knob
3.4 top of Sam Knob


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