Table Rock Trail

Picture of foggy view from overlook along Table Rock Trail

Warning:   This data is out-of-date. Trails, roads, and landmarks change.
You should obtain current information before attempting any hike.

Date Hiked: 4/14/91

Length: 7.0 miles

Type: backtrack

Difficulty: 4

Scenery: 4

Blaze: red

Main Features: views from overlooks, Governor's Rock, and Table Rock, as well as small cascades and falls

Animals: hawks, pileated woodpeckers, chickadees, ruffed grouse, crows, vultures, cardinals, garter snake, vole, snails, millipedes, red eft (newt), gray squirrels

Location: Table Rock State Park, South Carolina

From the intersection of highways 178 and 11, go northeast on 11. Drive 4.2 miles and turn left at the sign indicating Table Rock State Park, West Gate. Drive 0.4 miles and turn right at the toll booth. Drive 0.8 miles and park in the parking lot on the right across the street from the Carrick Creek Interpretive Center. The trail starts from the back deck of the interpretive center.

Note: This is an extremely popular trail. I've passed over a hundred hikers on this trail.

Approximate Altitude Changes
Ascend 1,950 feet to high point about a half mile from end
Descend 250 feet to the end of the trail
Total Ascent: 2,200 feet

0.0 parking area
paved walk with waterfalls, stairs, and a bridge
0.2 bear right at fork
0.4 bear right at fork
1.6 rain shelter on left (almost halfway to end)
just beyond shelter is overlook to southeast, south, and southwest
1.8 turn right at junction
2.4 view from Governor's Rock (elevation 2,920 feet)
(The peak to the west is Pinnacle Mountain, the highest mountain entirely in South Carolina.)
2.7 sign Table Rock Mountain elevation 3,157 feet, with spring on right
3.0 overlook on right
(On a clear day you can see downtown Greenville to the east by southeast.)
3.2 overlook on right
down below is a hill called "The Stool"
3.3 bald rock area (trail crosses rocks going down to the right)
3.5 "Trail Ends" in faint red paint on rock, straight ahead is a lake


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